Welcome to Etisal

Who we are?

Etisal Store is a leading company specialized in distributing customer electronics in Egypt providing its customers with a variety of high-quality products: Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Accessories, Batteries, Home Appliances, Wearables, IOT Products, and more. Etisal Store seeking to guarantee the best products with a long warranty period up to 18 months. Etisal Store launched its online website Aiming to provide its customers with 100% safe and secure delightful online shopping experience.


What we offer?

We are committed to providing our customers with the best and latest products in the global electronics market offering a unique shopping experience that meets all Their needs along with 15 ready-to-serve collection points. 


Why choose us?

  • Providing outstanding products for the most reliable brands in the electronics market
  • Offering respected & reliable warranty
  • high-efficiency Service centers
  • The latest high technology products, Be the first to get
  • 100% safe and secure delightful online shopping experience.
  • Special offers customized to satisfy your needs