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Brand: Anker

Type: Soundcore Life Note 3 Bluetooth Earphone

Playtime: 7H Single Charge and 35H charging Case

22 EQ presets

Find Your Earbuds

6 Built-In microphones for Enhanced Call

كود المنتج

Life Note 3



11mm Dynamic Driver

Powerful sound is reproduced by 11mm dynamic drivers. Highs shine and bass is extra-strong thanks to our Bass Up technology which enhances the low end in real time.



Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling

Indoor, Outdoor, and Transport modes have been carefully adapted to block out the most distracting sounds found in these environments.



Enhanced Call Quality

6 beamforming microphones utilize Soundcore’s exclusive algorithm to pick up your voice and filter out background noises.



Soundcore App

Customize the sound with 22 EQ presets, switch between active noise cancelling modes, or create a unique white noise soundscape to lull you to sleep. The app also allows you to tailor the controls and test the fit of the earbuds.



Find Your Earbuds

Go to the Soundcore app and use the “Find My Headset” to activate. The lost earbud will emit a loud noise to help you locate it.



Secure Fit

Life Note 3 true wireless earbuds come with multiple sizes of ear tips to ensure you can get the snuggest, most comfortable fit for your ears.

المزيد من المعلومات
نوع الجهاز انكر ساوندكور
العلامة التجارية انكر
اللون أبيض
متوافق مع All Android and IOS Mobiles
Type Bluetooth earphone
التوصيل Bluetooth
Noise Cancelling yes
Features Enhanced Call, 22 EQ presets, Find Your Earbuds, Secure Fit, Tiny
الضمان 18 Months
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