شاحن سيارة انكر باور درايف 2 الييت - ابيض | A2212H21


ساعة هونر الذكية مينوس 46 ملمم, أسود

ساعة هونر الذكية مينوس 46 ملمم, بنى

ج.م.‏ 4٬120٫00

Brand: Honor

Model: Minos 46mm, Flax Brown

Color: Flax Brown

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MagicWatch 2's enclosure is made of refined 316L stainless steel – a commonly used material in the aerospace industry, offering high strength to weight ratio and less susceptibility to nicks and scratches from everyday activities.

A Watch Face that’s Truly Yours

Personalized Watch Faces

Beyond simply telling time, MagicWatch 2 can display your own personal touch with your photos.
Because you can store multiple photos in it, each time you raise your wrist, a different photo will show up.

HONOR MagicWatch 2’s SpO2 Monitor measures oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream so that you can assess how your body is adapting during workouts or at high altitudes

المزيد من المعلومات
الوزن 0.410000
نوع الجهاز هونر اي او تي
العلامة التجارية هونر
اللون بني
التوصيل Bluetooth
البطارية 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
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