مكبر صوت محمول ساوندكور ايكون ميني من انكر، أسود

مكبر صوت محمول ساوندكور فلير من انكر، أسود

مكبر صوت محمول ساوندكور فلير من انكر، أسود

مكبر صوت محمول ساوندكور ايكون من انكر، أحمر

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Anker Sound Core Icon, Red
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Soundcore | Hear it. Feel it

A Brand Under Anker Innovations

Hang-Anywhere Design

Three things that deserve a soundtrack: Cruising the streets, hiking the trails, and chilling on the beach. Icon is ready for all 3, and a whole lot more. Its detachable strap means that it can wrap, hang, and play anywhere you want to.

Sound for the Wild

Icon utilizes a single over-sized elliptical driver. This specialized design makes it possible to maximize space and squeeze in even more sound-blasting hardware. The result is a super-compact speaker that can rock any space, whether it’s indoors or out.

Fun Proof

Take journeys, hikes, and adventures to the extreme; Icon is equipped for anything you can throw at it. Its IP67 water-, dust-, and shock-proofing provide super-strong protection. And thanks to its cleverly designed casing, Icon even floats.

12-Hour Playtime

Not many will be able to keep up with Icon. You’ll have to rock hard, loud, and fast for 12 hours if you want to compete. And even if you can match the pace, you’ll definitely need longer than 3 hours to recharge.

Wireless Stereo Sound

Twice the sound + twice the color = twice the fun. Connect two Icons via a single phone or tablet for suped-up sound and cranked-up color. Icon's removable straps are a chance for you to get creative, link 2 Icons together in any way you can.

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