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مى سمارت باند 6 - شاشة 1.56 بوصة - أسود

مى سمارت باند 6 - شاشة 1.56 بوصة - أسود

Xiaomi MI Smart Band 5, Black

ج.م.‏ 650٫00

Brand: Xiaomi

Type: Band 5

Warranty: 12 Months

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Packaging: New magnetic cable

When it comes to packaging a new product, it is practically identical to the previous generation. In this case, however, the number “5” is already on the front of the compact box.

After unpacking, there is a new charger with a magnetic connector on the top itself. This is one of the main improvements of the fifth-generation fitness bracelet. Below is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 bracelet itself with a black silicone strap.

The package now contains only paper manuals and no big surprise is happening at this moment. On the other hand, due to the price of the device, it is a simple and functional package, which is nothing to blame.


Very lightweight

The weight of the novelty has stopped at a pleasant value of only 23 grams, so there is a high probability that you will not even feel the bracelet on your hand. The maximum length of the supplied silicone strap (it can be replaced) is 18,5 cm.

Core resp. the body of the device again consists of a plastic capsule, which has a larger and finer AMOLED display on its upper side. The bottom side is again home to this time improved sensor for measuring heart rate and there is also a magnetic connector for charging.

When charging, it is no longer necessary to remove the capsule from the strap itself, which can prolong its life. Straps from previous versions of Mi Band 3/4 are not compatible. When used, the watch will lock in place, but it will not fit completely like the new strap for the Mi Band 5.

Global disappoints with the absence of some features

As Xiaomi is already very well known, it brings us several types of products in a different Chinese and subsequently a global version. This is also intended for us European customers. The new fitness bracelet is no exception.

The Chinese version called Mi Band 5 also offers payments using an NFC chip (UnionPay in China), as well as blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2) or 100 default dials in the application.

The global version is called Mi Smart Band 5 and the above-mentioned functions such as NFC or SpO2 monitoring are absent. The application initially offers 65 dials, but the manufacturer promises to add an update.

Pre-announced leaks about the presence of Amazon's intelligent assistant Alexa have not been confirmed, the global version of the assistant is not supported. The Chinese intelligent assistant XiaoAI from the Xiaomi workshop is then, of course, part of the Chinese version. So many differences.

Display: 1,1 ″ AMOLED

However, let's move on to the features and functions that both versions have the same. Let's start with a very important element, which is the display. It offers a diagonal of up to 1,1 ”(an increase from 0,95” on the Mi Band 4) and is also finer. Specifically, it has a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels.

The display is covered with a curved and unspecified 2,5 protective glass and the corners of the display itself are also slightly rounded. The user will notice this, especially when using the color dial. Thanks to the larger diagonal, the dials offer more information.

From the factory, the watch offers a brightness set at level 3 out of five. We recommend using the maximum value of brightness in direct sunlight on the exterior, and the lowest value in the interior and the dark. The brightness is very good (up to 450 rivets) and the readability of the basic screen was not a problem.

Some sources reported a slight scratch on the display. We did not notice any damage during testing. The increased fineness of the display was reflected in the notifications, which are richer resp. display more text. However, pay attention to the diacritics, it contains a different font, which is smaller, so at first, you will have to solve it a bit.

Mobile application: Mi Fit

The fitness bracelet is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 BLE technology and you can make all the necessary settings following the example of your predecessors via the well-known Mi Fit application. Pairing a bracelet is easy, just log in and then approach the bracelet with your smartphone.

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متوافق مع via the Mi Fit application with any smartphone
Type Smart Band
التوصيل Bluetooth 5.0
الضمان 12 Months
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